Why Do You Install Solar Thermal Systems?
  •   08/27/2019 12:31 pm

In the times of rising energy and heating costs and the resource scarcity of fossil fuels, the power of the sun is providing a key and above all low cost energy source. Solar systems like the solar thermal systems are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Solar thermal packages come with a pump circulating solar fluid – water, saline or other fluids through the solar collectors and deliver heat to a water storage tank.

When homeowners require hot water, the solar heated water takes the precedence and either eliminates or reduces the energy required by the boiler to heat water. This is how solar thermal system minimizes energy bills, as generating heat for water consumes more energy. The main use of a solar thermal kit is to deliver hot water through the use of solar technology.


Generally, solar thermal systems utilize sunlight for heat storage in solar collectors that is fed into the heating system through pipes when required. The heat obtain is thus utilized to heat water or to support in heating.

Generally, they minimize carbon-dioxide emissions and are emission-free, clean and odorless. The fossil fuel consumption as heating oil and natural gas is reduced and energy costs are minimized. Technologies like solar thermal systems are pioneering for the construction industry.

Since the maintenance of buildings need over 40 percent of the solar energy, it’s important to cover the energy demand with renewable energies. Using the solar systems like solar thermal systems and energy-efficient construction, the energy demand can be minimized considerably and decisively. They contribute to obtaining climate change policy prospective and goals.


In fact, solar thermal power is usually utilized for residential water heating and pool heating applications. It’s just a simple technology; but the solar panels on your roof are the collectors of sunlight, thereby heating up the liquid in the tubes. Then, it’s transported into your cylinder, which is ready to use.

Solar thermal technology is the latest renewable energy that homeowners can take perfect advantage of. It’s completely different than other solar systems. This technology uses the sun to heat a liquid like water that you can then use in your homes and businesses.

Solar thermal panels are utilized to collect the solar rays and convert them into heat for hot water predominantly or less frequently, space heating. This is why it’s considered as the perfect solution for water and pool heating.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of solar thermal kits:

  • Solar thermal systems are more space efficient.
  • They can be up to 70% more efficient in collecting heat from the sun than other systems.
  • The technology itself is less complex than other solar systems.
  • They are considered as the perfect solutions for water heating purposes.
  • They also add great value to your home and business.

Bottom Line –

We at 123 Zero Energy provide solar thermal collectors with 10 year replacement warranty and expected life expectancy of 25 years. Our solar thermal packages come with quality components ensuring high performance and high rate of ROI.

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