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Are you planning to buy DIY geothermal system? If so, then considering horizontal ground loop installation makes perfect sense. All you need to do is to hire a back hoe featuring a 36” bucket for a slinky loop. Or you can rent a chain trencher to deliver single line trenches for the ground loops.

When it comes to making the purchase of geothermal systems in the northern USA and in Canada, you will be provided with 800 feet coils per each loop by 123 Zero Energy. But in the southern climates, you

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Solar on grid systems means the solar systems are tied to local utility grid. They are on high demand for good reasons. However, storage is important aspect of solar on grid systems. There are three different ways you can consider to store the solar energy you produce – DC batteries, hot water tanks and on grid or Net Metering. Please check out this post and understand better about storage options for solar on grid systems:

DC Batteries

Earlier, most solar consumers stored the solar energy in

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In the times of rising energy and heating costs and the resource scarcity of fossil fuels, the power of the sun is providing a key and above all low cost energy source. Solar systems like the solar thermal systems are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Solar thermal packages come with a pump circulating solar fluid – water, saline or other fluids through the solar collectors and deliver heat to a water storage tank.

When homeowners require hot water, the solar heated water takes the

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Solar thermal technology is a preferable type of renewable energy that most homeowners can take proper advantage of. But, solar thermal system differs from solar PV. This utilizes the sun to heat liquid like water that you can use in homes and businesses. However, solar panels are used to collect solar rays and convert them into heat energy for hot water predominantly or less frequently, space heating purposes.

The Significance of Solar Thermal Systems 

Lower Utility Bills – 

Solar thermal systems

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Solar thermal kits are easy to install and take the guess work from the installation. Northern Lights solar thermal packages come with components you need right down to the pump. You will receive an easy to follow instruction manual. This will make sure you or your contractor have one of the top rated heating systems throughout North America.

Do you a pool at your backward? You can be sure to buy Northern Lights solar pool heating kits that use advanced vacuum tube technology. They can able to

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Solar space heating systems harness the solar energy for residential heating applications. By using advanced vacuum tube collectors, a solar water heating system can operate at a temperature of minus 40. 

The Northern Lights solar space heating systems use a special solar glycol heating fluid. It can operate in arctic temperatures and work in high temperatures of up to 480F. The solar collectors capture heat and move inside the house through a closed loop system. 


After that, the heat can be

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Energy prices are high nowadays. Therefore, most homeowners are looking for highly efficient ways to minimize their energy and utility bills. Geothermal systems are perfectly designed to do all these things. 

The engineering behind the solar on grid systems depends on the relatively constant temperature of the Earth’s core. Therefore, you get a renewable energy source that is easier than ever for homeowners to reap the amazing benefits associated with such a system. Most homeowners are looking

Just imagine a home where the temperature is always comfortable yet the heating and cooling system is out of sight. The system operates effortlessly; but doesn’t need extensive maintenance or knowledge for the owners.

The inside air smells really nice; you can listen to the chirping of birds and rustling of wind through the trees. The home shares the energy with the earth in the similar way like the roots of the trees exchange the life essentials to their branches and leaves. Seems comfortable,

The sun is the main source of energy in the solar system. It offers plenty of free and green energy to the earth even though not making it fall evenly everywhere. The large variance in the sunrays available in our planet’s lower and higher altitude has been a cause of concern for household owners.  However, the inventive solar water heating systems are helping them generate sufficient amount of heat energy with the solar collectors for domestic use like water heating, space heating etc. Some of

Geothermal systems extract heat from the earth’s surface. This clean, renewable energy source depends more on the consistency of underground temperature instead of the fickle weather above the ground. If you’ve visited a cave or mine, you may be aware of this phenomenon.

 Used for both cooling and heating purposes, the geothermal systems can be found almost anywhere. As more countries and cities around the world work to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, more areas consider this clean

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