Understanding Solar Thermal Kits and Packages
  •   08/20/2019 10:49 am

Solar thermal technology is a preferable type of renewable energy that most homeowners can take proper advantage of. But, solar thermal system differs from solar PV. This utilizes the sun to heat liquid like water that you can use in homes and businesses. However, solar panels are used to collect solar rays and convert them into heat energy for hot water predominantly or less frequently, space heating purposes.

The Significance of Solar Thermal Systems 

Lower Utility Bills – 

Solar thermal systems can minimize your high energy costs. This means, there’s no requirement of fossil fuels and the price of fossil fuels is high. You should think about the free energy you can get from the sun. In addition to, RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive payments makes sure that you make more money on the heat your solar thermal kits produce.

Solar Pool Kits

Renewable –

The sun and obviously the solar energy won’t run out in your lifetime. This means, the power the system collects from it is renewable and sustainable. Solar thermal energy can be used as long as you have the sun and you don’t have to make payment for your use.

Reduce Carbon Footprint –

When you use solar, you will minimize your carbon footprint and help towards the environment. Every little project can make a great difference, when it comes to global warming. Solar thermal is a kind on your environment and doesn’t produce any pollutants.

The Main Features in a Solar Thermal System 

Certainly, you might consider what makes a solar thermal system. The most important part of the solar thermal system is the solar collectors. The tube collectors are the glass pipes coated in a special way, used to collect solar energy.

Solar Heating Kits

These pipes use a special type of antifreeze, which isn’t considered harmful to the surrounding environment. There are flat plate collectors, thin flat boxes with small tubes filled with liquid and antifreeze the thin boxes faces the sun to collect the energy and seems a little like solar PV panels.

The solar thermal kit comprises of a heat exchanger for hot transfer and a storage tank. The water tank is able to hold the water. There’s a thermal controller, which allows you monitor and control the system. There are variations with different systems and collectors as well as tanks, to be used depending on your requirements. Here are some of the popular solar thermal systems:

Evacuate Tube Solar Thermal Kit –This thermal kit is the most efficient system, offering around 70% efficiency.

Flat Plate Solar Thermal System – It’s a very commonly used system, which is slightly less efficient, but cheaper.

2nd Heating Loop Kits

Thermodynamic Panels – These are relatively new technology-driven systems and operate slight differently than others; but effortlessly. These are heat pumps; but in flat panel form.

How to Know Whether Your Home is Right for Solar Thermal Installation?

If you want to know whether your home is suitable for your solar thermal kit, this depends on the way it faces and where you’re located and the things like shading. Your roof will be perfectly-suited to solar installation, if it faces south direction; they can still work but may be less efficient especially when it faces different directions. It’s quite important to ensure that your roof is un-shaded by tall trees or buildings.

Bottom Line –

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