Storage Options for Solar On Grid Systems
  •   09/09/2019 8:07 am

Solar on grid systems means the solar systems are tied to local utility grid. They are on high demand for good reasons. However, storage is important aspect of solar on grid systems. There are three different ways you can consider to store the solar energy you produce – DC batteries, hot water tanks and on grid or Net Metering. Please check out this post and understand better about storage options for solar on grid systems:

DC Batteries

Earlier, most solar consumers stored the solar energy in batteries and used this energy when required. This type of system is known as an off grid solar PV system and were popular amongst all consumers.

However, batteries are not the right solution and come with costs that add to the cost of an off grid solar system. They have a useful shelf life and if improperly managed, it can be as short as 2-3 year and have huge capital costs. In fact, these batteries need special designed charge controller in order to maintain and extend the battery life.

How Solar Works Horizontal

Most of the modern world is connected to the grid whereas off grid systems are used in the remote locations that don’t have access to grid power. This means, batteries are still popular for solar storage purposes. Now there’s a huge availability of lithium and salt water batteries with extensive lifecycle and reduced cost of ownership. Battery backup solar systems are perfect where the grid is prone to outages.

Solar Thermal Systems

Hot Water

Earlier, hot water tanks were utilized as a dump zone for excessive PV production when the batteries were fully charged. But recently, Solar PV Hot Water has become its own use than just a dump zone and can deliver great returns on investment by heating hot water.

Solar thermal systems have been considered as the leader in this field; but the immense reduction on cost and introduction of CyboInverter has given some competition to solar thermal system. You can hook a solar array directly to a hot water heater and supply all your hot water requirements with very little cost and free storage. Even, it’s estimated that hot water heating consumes around 20-25% of the typical household energy. Solar PV water tanks may provide great system paybacks.

Solar PV System

Net Metering

Instead of storing energy, you can lend the extra energy to other like lending your lawn mower to neighbor. Whenever you need it back, it will be right there for your use. Now there’s an availability of smart grids and most utility companies are capable of accepting anyone’s energy and have providing Net Metering or On Grid Solar PV Systems.

These systems don’t use any battery and rather utilize a DC inverter that converts the electricity to AC. Now the home can use this energy; but if it has surplus, the energy starts flowing from the outside the house to the grid. Please remember that, all of the 52 US states and all provinces throughout Canada have Net Metering options that are available to use for businesses and consumers.

Bottom Line –

Now you might have understood the storage options available for solar on grid systems. To know more about the solar on grid systems, please contact 123 Zero Energy at

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