Important Facts To Know About Domestic Water Heating Equipme
  •   09/17/2016 5:57 am

Solar water heating is an ideal way to utilize energy of the sun. That’s why solar water heaters are used for multitude of heating purposes. With the use of advanced vacuum tube collectors, solar water heaters can work very well even in the temperature of minus 40 degrees. Usually, the heating systems come up with a special solar glycol heating fluid which can make the system work in artic temperatures and also at a high temperature up to 480F. In general, heat is captured in the collectors and transferred into a specialized solar water tank that is equipped with an internal heat exchanger at the bottom of the tank. Then, the heat energy is again transferred indirectly to the use for hot water use. If it’s not in use, it can be stored in the heavily insulated tank.

Domestic Solar Water Heating Equipments: –

The specifically designed solar storage tanks have a back up of 4.5 KW heating elements in the middle of the tank. It will let the tank to provide hot water 100 % even when the sun is not shining at all.

Specific Features: –

  • G-Glass porcelain fused-to-steel is imperviable to caustics and chlorine

  • 1” NPT connection

  • 2 Magnesium anodes factory installed brass drain valve

  • 2” Non-CFC zero ozone depleting foam insulation

  • 4.5 KW electric element with temperature control facility

  • Internal temperature probes for both top and bottom tank temperature

  • Factory installed T & P valve precision manufactured tank equipped with high quality steel assuring strength and durability

Size Of Solar Water Heating System: –

Each and every home is different from each other in terms of number of occupancies and the habits of occupants. However, the length of use of showers plays a key role in how much hot water a home consumes on an average. As per general guidelines, each occupant consumes on an average of 20 gallons of hot water per a day. So a family of 4 people will need up to 80 gallons of hot water.

When thinking about buying solar water heating systems, keep in mind that storage tank should be equal size as per the number of collectors. Hence, the thumb rule is a better choice,when it comes to choosing the storage tank size. Most of the tanks come up in sizes like 50, 80, 119 gallons. When you need a storage tank for large homes, you can add multiple storage tanks and run them in parallel.

Conclusion: –

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