Buying the Second Heating Zone for Forced Air Furnace
  •   02/12/2019 4:07 pm

Solar thermal kits are easy to install and take the guess work from the installation. Northern Lights solar thermal packages come with components you need right down to the pump. You will receive an easy to follow instruction manual. This will make sure you or your contractor have one of the top rated heating systems throughout North America.

Do you a pool at your backward? You can be sure to buy Northern Lights solar pool heating kits that use advanced vacuum tube technology. They can able to deliver solar heat even when the sun is not shining like the cloudy days.

Solar Water Heating Kits

All of the Northern Lights solar heating systems operate in the coldest winter months and are not affected by wind like other kits. Their solar thermal collectors come with 10 year replacement warranty and have life expectancy of 25 years. You will receive quality components ensuring high performance and maximum ROI.

Investing in Second Heating Zone for Forced Air Furnace

Integrating a solar water heating system into your home with quick Plug n’ Save additional heating loop by Northern lights makes perfect sense. The second heating loop plugs into the top heat exchanger in the SolarStor 80 gallon or SolarStor 119 gallon tanks quickly.

Solar Water Heater and Solar Pool Kits

There is a RESOL controller and second pump station that controls the force air furnance loop. If you need heat and the solar storage tank’s temperature limit exceeds the return supply temperature of the furnace, then the pump activates.

Heat is transferred from the solar tank’s top heat exchanger into air to water heat exchanger located in furnace’s cold return plenum. This way, the stored energy is transferred from the solar tank that will provide enough energy to your home’s heating system. Additionally, you can switch on the 4.5 kw heater for energy assurance even when there is no sun.

Solar Pool and Space Heating Kits

Special Features of Second Heating Zone for Forced Air Furnace

  • Complete pump station including three speed Wilo Pump, flow meter and service valves

  • 60,000 BTU air finned heat exchanger with 1” swear fittings

  • All quick connect Aurora fittings

  • 50 feet of Aurora twin flex stainless steel with ¾” piping

  • Expansion tank

Final Consideration –

Do you want to harness solar energy at home? Invest in solar thermal kits available for sale at 123 Zero Energy. Our second heating zone for forced air furnace can allow you enjoy hot water for showers and baths.

When there is excess heat energy, it can be moved to a second zone through an additional pump for your future use. This means, you can use hot water inherently when there is no sun.

Are you concerned about space heating, pool or hot tub? Whatever you expect from solar thermal kits, our DIY solar packages can get covered. Nevertheless of your purchase, you will enjoy hot water year round! Click here out our available selection of solar thermal packages.

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