Top Benefits of Using Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems

The sun is the main source of energy in the solar system. It offers plenty of free and green energy to the earth even though not making it fall evenly everywhere. The large variance in the sunrays available in our planet’s lower and higher altitude has been a cause of concern for household owners.  However, the inventive solar water heating systems are helping them generate sufficient amount of heat energy with the solar collectors for domestic use like water heating, space heating etc. Some of these domestic SWHs are tankless and others have water tanks positioned normally on basement or roof area to   store water for the future.

What Actually are Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems?

These are solar powered heating systems technically designed with components like solar collectors, heat exchangers, pump and controller for domestic applications. Based on an effective technology and taking in free source of energy, the domestic solar water heating systems bring a significant reduction in the utility bill as well as carbon footprint. There are flat plate SHWs and evacuated tube collector SHWs which homeowners can choose and mount on their wall or roof. They can also be integrated with any existing hot water systems for assured performance.

Basically, domestic solar water heating systems are capable to meet around 0.33% of the total hot water demands of a 4 member family. More elaborately, investing in a solar water heating system will lower the annual energy bills by £55 -80 for a three-bedroom home in a semi-detached state. The solar water heating system users also qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) program, which is mainly designed by local government to reward financially and encourage households to heat their homes with solar energy.

How Do Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems Function?

Domestic SHWS gather the heat coming from the sun through solar collectors which are normally fitted to the roof at the best angle to receive maximum possible sunlight. They can even be placed on wall or ground to get high exposure to the sunrays. An immersion boiler or heater can be used along with them to raise the water temperature whenever required.

The solar thermal collectors used in SHWs are of two types: evacuated tubes collectors and flat plate collectors. They differ in configuration but have the same function. The evacuated tubes collectors contain highly insulated and replaceable vacuum tubes assorted in different sizes to fit domestic heating needs whereas the flat panels contain inexpensive flat glazing collectors which look like solar PV panels and are installed on the room for energy absorption and heat generation.

Solar Water Heaters for Domestic Hot Water Heating

In the installation of SHWs, routing is done from the collectors to a hot water tank using high insulate pipes. The unheated water from the bottom of the tank is pumped and flown through the collectors so that it can receive the generated water and go back to the top of the hot water tank storage.

 Top Benefits of Domestic SHWS

  • They ensure hot water around the year.
  • They lower energy consumption for domestic hot water needs.
  • They bring down carbon emission and keep the environment safe.
  • In comparison to other renewable energy heating solutions, domestic solar water heating systems have great durability and reduced maintenance expenses.
  • There is little extra cost involved in SWHs apart from the initial purchase cost and installation charges.
  • The domestic solar thermal systems work flawlessly with any existing hot water boiler or heating system or heating pumps. 
  • They enable homeowners to earn Renewable Heat Incentive for production of renewable energy.

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