Considering Geothermal Heating Systems for Home
  •   01/08/2019 3:14 pm

Energy prices are high nowadays. Therefore, most homeowners are looking for highly efficient ways to minimize their energy and utility bills. Geothermal systems are perfectly designed to do all these things. 

The engineering behind the solar on grid systems depends on the relatively constant temperature of the Earth’s core. Therefore, you get a renewable energy source that is easier than ever for homeowners to reap the amazing benefits associated with such a system. Most homeowners are looking for ways to saving you money. Here is everything you should know if you are considering a geothermal heating system:

Geothermal Package

How do geothermal systems work?

As you can probably tell by the name itself, geothermal systems depend on geothermal energy to work and operate. However, it doesn’t originate from the earth’s core or from the radioactive decay of earth’s minerals. Rather, it’s the solar energy on the earth’s surface. As a result, some of the energy comes from the earth’s formation that was occurred actually billions of years ago.

The impact of geothermal energy on energy costs 

A common question that most homeowners ask regarding geothermal systems relate to whether the system is actually capable of minimizing energy costs. However, most homeowners those have installed geothermal systems will often get a decrease in annual energy costs at a significant extent. 

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This means you will get annual savings of hundreds of dollars throughout the year. With them, it’s possible to heat and cool your home without spending a fortune year-round. 

How do geothermal systems work in cold weather?

It’s a common misconception that most homeowners think geothermal systems are unable to operate properly in cold climates. They won’t be able to harness enough energy from the Earth’s surface. The truth is that even the surface temperature of Earth fluctuates, but the temperature a few feet below the Earth remains fairly stable. The temperature remains around fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit all year long. 

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Investing in Geothermal Systems 

Are you concerned about high electricity bills in the winter? If yes, you should consider investing in geothermal systems at 123 Zero Energy to help you alleviate some of the costs. Our geothermal kits are easy, efficient and convenient enough to heating and cooling your home or business.

With industry-best technicians available, 123 Zero Energy can fix all of your air conditioning system issues effortlessly. If you are interested in creating the most comfortable environment for your family to enjoy, contact 123 Zero Energy today. For more information about solar on grid systems, please visit the website

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